Stripping And Cleaning

Removal of old polishes and waxes (re-applying if necessary).

Removal of grout residue, paint, glue and any other surface marks.

Stain Removal

We use various products to tackle a range of stains, from colour stains e.g. red wine, black coffee etc. to oil and grease.


Using polyester resins we can repair cracks, chips etc. matching the colour as near as possible.

Re Grouting

Cut out old grout and replace with new.

Diamond Grinding

We use diamond abrasives to remove lippage and deep scratches. Also diamonds set in resin are used to re-surface floors, vanity tops and other small areas of stone to enable a final honed or polished surface.

Honed Finish

This is a smooth, matt or egg shell finish, this is sometimes preferred to a high gloss.


An impregnator is used to help prevent staining. It penetrates the stone sealing the pores so that spillages can be easily cleaned up.


Depending on the type of stone and whether it is a floor or other surface we have various ways of polishing it.

We will assess your stone and suggest the best way for your required result.

Anti Slip

We can apply adhesive safety tape or a more permanent resin tread that is available in various colours including illuminous.

Specialist Cleaning, Polishing & Restoration - Marble, Limestone, Terrazzo & Granite
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